Glam Up Your Summer With 5 Must-Have Summer Jewelry Trends 2024

Hola Beauties! Summer is back again. Are you feeling the scorching heat and looking for spring summer 2024 fashion trends to glam out your outfit? We can understand finding the right summer jewellery trends in 2024 can save you from wearing too heavy jewelry. After all who wants to wear and attend the events with huge and heavy jewellery. Finding light, delicate, and stunning pieces to walk in the regal charm is what you desire. Are we right?

Your search ends here. Glitstudio is here to help you with this. If you are looking to upgrade your wardrobe with something fresh, light, pastel, and bold jewellery to elevate your everyday look, we've compiled the list of the 5 most popular jewelry for spring summer 2024 fashion trends.

Don't wait anymore! Quickly jump into the list of the summer 2024 fashion trends and start embracing your charm wherever you go! 

Check Out 5 Bold Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Trends 

1.  Vibrant and Playful Funky Rings

First on the list of the spring/summer 2024 fashion trends comes the chic and edgy rings. Yes, according to the jewellery summer 2024 trends, pastel and bold rings with unique cuts and designs are ideal for the summer. Rings are quite easy to wear and are lightweight allowing you to make a fashion statement gracefully with casual as well as ethnic outfits. 

At Glitstudio, you will find bolder and fine-detailed rings that suit every taste. You can find various designs like oxidized rings, American diamond rings, couple rings, threadwork rings, golden knuckle rings, animal engraved rings, silver/gold plated rings, Kundan earrings, and adjustable heart engraved rings. Each of these rings is perfect for your spring summer 2024 fashion trends and can be paired with a go-to t-shirt and jeans or summer dress, sneakers, sunglasses, and a sling bag. 

Don't think much! Go for these summer trends 2024 and walk with sophistication wherever you go.


Funky Rings

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 2. Bold and Colorful Earrings

Bold earrings are also among the summer jewellery trends of 2024. You will find various statement earrings that can add a quirky charm to your summer outfit. At Glitstudio,  glam with our spring summer 2024 fashion trends

You will spot some trendy options like oxidized earrings, stud earrings, Kundan earrings, semi-precious earrings, silver, or rose gold fashion earrings, antique earrings, American diamond earrings, hoop earrings, and dangler hanging earrings. These newest, trendiest earrings will surely elevate your summer trends in 2024 and will add a distinctive addition to your wardrobe. Whether you are looking to pair these colorful enamel earrings, embellished with crystals or Kundan work with your formal or informal, they will bring fun to your events. 

Just go for these fashionable spring/summer 2024 fashion trends and start getting all eyeballs on you. You too deserve being on your own!


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3.  Mix-and-Match Layerable Bangles, Bracelets & Hathphools

Third on the list of the spring-summer 2024 fashion trends comes the mix and Match ways of wearing bracelets and Hathphools. Yes, keeping minimal yet sophisticated these summer jewellery trends in 2024 allow you to remix and create your styles according to your personality. 

At Glitstudio, we've curated some of the newest summer trends in 2024 in our jewellery collection like silver and gold Hathphool, silver/gold/rose gold/ gold-plated bracelets, American diamond bangles in different colors, and more. You can pair your outfit solely with one or stackable bracelets you want. Believe us, it is the ideal choice for your everyday occasions and gives you the charm you want to add.

Hathphools are also ideal summer 2024 trends and can elevate your look gracefully. Simple and subtle yet will give you a luxurious feel and allow you to create your summer memories basking under the sun with no worries!


Looking to find delicate and lightweight Hathphools and bracelets to add a bold, chic, and edgy look this summer? No look back! Check the latest summer trends in 2024 now and save yours today!




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4.  Subtle Yet Stylish Ankle Trinkets 

Sparkling anklets for women are also taking center stage this summer. It falls under the list of our spring-summer 2024 fashion trends. These summer 2024 trends will surely add shine to your warm-weather outfits. At Glitstudio, to keep up with the summer 2024 trends we've introduced some of the dazzling anklets collections in our wardrobe like rainbow color anklets, gray/black/violet color anklets, Meena work anklets, and rose gold/white color anklets. Though subtle, these striking pieces created with fine detailing will elevate your look whether you're jet-setting on an airplane or hanging out on a beach.


These spring/summer 2024 fashion trends are perfect and can add a finishing touch to your outfit. You can confidently pair and complement it with both formal and informal wear. It will lavishly add a charm to your feet. 


Look no further. Check our collections and become the trendiest in your version. 


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5.  Playful Look With Layered Necklaces, Chokers and Pendants

Last but the most awaited spring summer 2024 fashion trends comes the artwork of layered necklaces, and minimal look with pendants and chains. Layering a minimal yet subtle necklace can speak a thousand words for your personality. 

At Glitstudio, summer jewellery trends 2024 covers layering necklaces and pendant collections featuring various forms, patterns, and materials that will make 
you self-obsessed. Our best-selling necklace collections for summer include American diamond necklace sets, oxidized temple jewellery sets, Kundan necklace sets, gold-plated necklace sets, Amrapali necklace sets, semi-precious necklaces, and freshwater pearl chokers.


No, the list doesn't end here. Our spring/summer 2024 fashion trends also cover intricate collections of geometric shapes, pendants, heart chain necklaces, and layered chains that can be paired confidently with high necks, v-necks, casuals, formals, or informals. 


Still not convinced? You must definitely check our necklaces and pendants collections. Trust us, you will be wanting all!


Layered Necklace

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summer jewellery trends

Trust us, the summer jewellery trends of 2024, will simply make you look pretty with every style and make you create your boss vibes in summer. Wearing our summer 2024 trends will make our beauties step out with a sophisticated appearance adding a trendy bohemian-chic look. 


Simply pick any of these summer trends 2024 in the way you like or adorn and will give you the access to look elegant in every look. Want to try our spring-summer 2024 fashion trends? Quickly jump into and click on the link to find our trendiest and newest summer collections in one go. 


Find and bookmark your favorites now before they go! Happy Summers my ladies!




1.  What are the summer jewellery trends in 2024?

Ans. Black gold and diamonds are expected to be in fashion in 2024. Most of the fine jewelers are experimenting and testing with onyx, black metals, and other popular metals such as rhodium or blackened gold to add a glittery and shiny edge to the classy and elaborate settings.


2.  Is silver coming back in summer 2024 trends?

Ans. Yes, of course. Silver jewellery back in 2024. It is becoming a trending option with contemporary elegance and versatility. However, mixing metals like gold and silver is the trendiest, allowing you to create your personality and make creative style statements.


3.  Is gold out of style in summer 2024 trends?

Ans. According to the Business Insider reports, the yellow gold collection is winning people as the popularity of mixing the metal trend continues. So, gold is in style in summer 2024 trends.

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