Tips for Finding Temple Jewellery Set

Have you ever been captivated by the dazzling brilliance of temple jewellery?  Those intricate temple jewellery pieces, dripping with history and radiating tradition, hold a unique charm. But with so many options available, how do you find the perfect temple jewellery set for you? 

Don't worry, we've got you covered! In this short guide, you will get to know the top 10 Tips to Consider for a Perfect Temple Jewellery set. We'll reveal the secrets to selecting antique temple jewellery that not only complements your outfit but also reflects your personal style. So, get ready to elevate your aura and shine with this timeless South Indian treasure!

What is Temple Jewellery?

What is Temple Jewellery


Temple jewellery is a special type of jewellery from South India that shows off the region's culture. It's made mainly from gold or silver and often features designs of gods and goddesses found in southern temples. 

People like it because it's simple but beautiful. Nowadays, temple jewellery sets or temple jewellery bridal sets are becoming more popular again. These intricate pieces come in various forms like temple jewellery earrings, temple jewellery mangalsutra, temple jewellery bangles, and temple jewellery choker. Further, it is not limited to these pieces, it now includes gemstones, diamonds, and fancy designs for a more impressive style.

10 Essential Tips For Choosing the Right Temple Jewellery 

 1. Understand Temple Jewellery Varieties

Take a closer look at temple jewellery options to pick the best one for your wedding outfit. Traditional temple jewellery gold pieces feature intricate designs inspired by temples and gods, perfect for classic bridal styles. Antique temple jewellery gives off a vintage vibe with its old-fashioned motifs. Contemporary temple jewellery bridal set pieces blend old and new styles, making them versatile for different kinds of weddings.

 2. Consider Your Face Shape

Your facial shape plays a crucial role in selecting the right temple jewellery set. For a round face, opt for long, dangling earrings and V-shaped temple jewellery set to elongate your look. Oval faces have the flexibility to suit various temple jewellery earrings and temple jewellery necklace styles. 

Square faces benefit from round temple jewellery earrings and curved temple jewellery set to soften angles, while heart-shaped faces balance with teardrop earrings and temple jewellery choker-style necklaces. Diamond-shaped faces shine with wider-bottomed earrings and collarbone-length necklaces. So, understanding your face shape helps you choose jewellery that enhances your features flawlessly.

 3. Measure Your Ideal Lengths

Take measurements of your ideal temple jewellery necklace length, waist circumference, and other surfaces using a string for accuracy. This will help you avoid getting fooled by various lengths of temple jewellery set and save time by preventing unnecessary resizing.

 4. Opt for Interchangeable Pieces

Choose those temple jewellery pieces or temple jewellery mangalsutra that can be used interchangeably, such as a necklace that can also be worn as a maang tikka or a long necklace that can double as a kamarbandh. This versatility adds value to your collection and enhances your styling options.

 5. Single Piece vs. Multiple Accessories

Decide if you want a bold statement piece or a combination of smaller items. Some prefer a striking temple jewellery necklace with matching temple jewellery earrings, while others opt for large earrings with delicate necklaces and maang tikkas. You can also mix and match temple jewellery bangles, or temple jewellery choker with longer necklaces and earrings for special occasions, or simply wear a stunning pair of earrings alone.

 6. Create Timeless Heirlooms

When selecting a wedding temple jewellery bridal set, think about future generations. Choose classic, timeless pieces that can be cherished and passed down through your family. Whether it's a traditional temple jewellery gold necklace or a simple diamond temple jewellery choker, investing in pieces with sentimental value ensures they become cherished heirlooms, preserving your family's history for years to come.

 7. Seek Expert Advice

Consult with a knowledgeable jeweller to help you select the right antique temple jewellery gold necklace, or earrings for your wedding. They can guide designs, materials, and customization options, ensuring your temple jewellery set complements your bridal attire perfectly. Additionally, they can explain the symbolism and cultural significance of different temple jewellery motifs, making your choices more meaningful.

 8. Opt for Affordable Options

Opt for temple jewellery that offers craftsmanship and beauty while remaining within your budget. This ensures you can adorn yourself with a stunning temple jewellery set without breaking the bank.

 9. Consider Your Look as a Whole

When selecting temple jewellery online for your wedding or special occasion, consider your overall appearance. Take into account factors like your hairstyle, dress neckline, and other accessories to ensure your temple jewellery complements your entire outfit.

10. Embrace Bold Alternatives

While gold is traditional in South Indian temple jewellery, consider exploring other materials like platinum adorned with diamonds, rubies, or emeralds for a modern twist. You can also find temple jewellery gold with colorful stones and intricate designs, offering a fresh take on traditional styles. 

Budget-Friendly Options Await at Glitstudio

Temple Jewellery Set


To sum up, while authentic temple jewellery can be both heavy and pricey, there are more budget-friendly options to consider. Whether it's silver jewellery with temple jewellery gold or imitation pieces found on online platforms, these alternatives offer the same allure without breaking the bank. With proper maintenance, even temple jewellery online can endure and suit a variety of outfits. 

So, before you make a decision, consider the above factors in mind to ensure you find the perfect temple jewellery pieces within your budget. Why wait? Browse our affordable temple jewellery set collection at Glitstudio online and place your order today for convenient doorstep delivery.



1. Is Temple Jewellery good or bad?

Ans. Temple jewellery is thought to protect from bad vibes and bring good feelings to the person wearing it. It's also a sign of respect and devotion to gods and goddesses.

2. What is the difference between temple jewellery gold and gold?

Ans. Temple jewellery is made with silver and is later coated with gold. It's adorned with gemstones like rubies, emeralds, white sapphires, and pearls. This jewellery includes both elaborate and simple pieces such as necklaces, bangles, earrings, nose-pins, etc.

3. Who can wear temple jewellery?

Ans. Anyone who likes the beauty and cultural importance of temple jewellery can wear it. It's often worn at special times like weddings, festivals, cultural gatherings, and religious rituals.

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