Top 7 Bridal Jewellery Trends In 2024: Must-Have Pieces for Brides-to-Be

Welcome newly brides-to-be at Glitstudio’s fashion world game! We heard your wedding got scheduled and are constantly looking for the top bridal jewellery trends in 2024. Is it true? Oho! We can understand your problem. Finding the perfect and unique bridal jewellery set is not always easy. It takes time and must also match with wedding themes and bridal outfits. However, your search ends here.

Yes, you are reading right! Glitstudio is finally here bringing you the top 7 bridal jewellery trends of 2024 that will surely help you pick your perfect bridal jewellery set. Whether you are looking to embrace the culture with an Indian bridal jewellery set, or want to make a statement with pearl or minimal bridal jewellery, our list covers everything that will surely let you create unforgettable memories with your loved ones. So, why wait? Let us know the top bridal jewellery trends in 2024 and slay your beauty game!

Top 7 Bridal Jewellery Trends To Slay Your Bridal Game

1. Pearl Bridal Jewellery

The first on the list of the top 7 bridal jewellery trends in 2024 to slay your bridal game comes the Pearl Bridal Jewellery. Pearls being a symbol of timeless elegance, purity, and serenity never goes out of trend. It is still melting the hearts of every bride-to-be and ruling the number one spot on the latest bridal jewellery trends. Whether you are thinking of complimenting your bridal outfit with a delicate pearl bridal necklace, or want to make a bold statement with oversized pearl bridal earrings, believe us, pearl bridal jewellery will never disappoint you.

Pearl bridal jewelry

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To help you pick the perfect pearl bridal jewellery, Glitstudio offers a range of pearl jewellery. Some of our best-selling pearl bridal jewellery include Golden Bridal Jewellery Set With Pearl and Mirror Work and Yellow Color Full Pearl BridalJewellery Set. If you are someone who loves minimal bridal jewellery, then you surely love Glitstudio’s Green Color Minimal Bridal Jewellery Set. Trust us, either option you choose, Glitstudio’s pearl bridal jewellery will truly exude grace and sophisticated touch to your bridal ensemble.

2. American Diamond Jewellery

Next on the list of the top 7 bridal jewellery trends in 2024 comes American Diamond Jewellery collections. Trust us, if you are a person who loves minimal bridal jewellery or rose gold bridal jewellery, American Diamond collections are a wonderful choice for your wedding. Highly known for its brilliant sparkle and luxurious vibe, American Diamond jewellery is also a popular choice among brides. Whether you are looking to embrace intricate necklaces or minimalist earrings, American Diamond jewellery is perfect to mimic the glamorous look and elevate your bridal attire.

Bridal jewelry bracelet

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Want to rule the bridal game with American Diamond jewellery collections? Then you must surely explore Glitstudio’s fine American Diamond jewellery collections. Some of our best-selling pieces in American Diamond include Purple Color American Diamond Rings, Earrings and Bracelet, and Green Color American Diamond Minimal Bridal Jewellery Sets. Believe us, these statement-making bridal jewellery trends in 2024 will surely make you shine bright like a true star on your big day.

3. Temple Bridal Jewellery

The third on the list of the top 7 bridal jewellery trends in 2024 comes Temple Bridal Jewellery. For brides who want to embrace tradition with a touch of grandeur, temple bridal jewellery is a perfect choice. Originating from South India, this type of bridal jewellery set featuring intricate designs and motifs inspired by deities and temple art will totally reflect your unique individuality. Also, being made from gold with detailed work featuring precious stones like rubies and emeralds, temple golden bridal jewellery sets bring a royal antique charm to bridal wear. 

Temple bridal jewellery

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Brides-to-be, are you looking to incorporate these antique temple golden bridal jewellery sets? If yes, then, you must certainly check out Glitstudio’s top-selling temple bridal jewellery collections like Rani Color Meena Work Temple Bridal Jewellery Set, and Green Color Women's Gold Plated Temple Bridal Jewellery Set. These elaborate temple golden bridal jewellery sets will definitely add a divine aura to your bridal look, making you feel like a Goddess on your wedding day.

4. Kundan Bridal Jewellery

The fourth on the list of the top 7 bridal jewellery trends in 2024 comes Kundan Bridal Jewellery. Primarily, originating from the Royal courts of Rajasthan, Kundan jewellery is also another top bridal jewellery trend in 2024. Commonly known for its elaborate and detailing ornate designs, bridal Kundan jewellery features precious and semi-precious stones wrapped in a gold foil that can instantly create a mesmerizing and opulent look to your bridal wear.

Kundan necklace set

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If you are also looking to replicate Kundan bridal jewellery trends, then you must check out Glitstudio’s elegant and regal Kundan collections. Some of our best-selling collections that will let you shine in this bridal trend include the Firozi Color Back Side Meena Work Kundan Bridal Jewellery Set, Kundan Studded Red Bridal Jewellery Sets, and Pink Color Kundan Mirror Necklace Set. Pairing your bridal attire with Kundan jewellery will not only add a touch of tradition but also brings a modern flair, making it perfect for the contemporary bride.

5.  Meenakari Bridal Jewellery

The next on the list of the top 7 bridal jewellery trends in 2024 comes Meenakari Bridal Jewellery. Being a beautiful and timeless statement jewellery, this exquisite piece is also a trendsetter option for new brides-to-be. Made from enameling gold with vibrant colors and intricate designs, this Indian bridal jewellery set is highly famous for its vivid hues and detailed craftsmanship. Perfect for brides who want to add a splash of color and artistry to their wedding look, this Indian bridal jewellery set will totally amp up your bridal essence. 

Choker necklace set

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Want to own this Indian bridal jewellery set on your wedding day? Then you must definitely check out Glitstudio’s Meenakari bridal jewellery set. Whether you are looking for necklaces, earrings, bangles, or rings, the Glitstudio collection is sure to enhance your bridal attire with its unique and eye-catching appeal. Some of the popular picks in Meenakari bridal jewellery include Maroon Color Meena Work Kundan Bridal Jewellery Sets, and Green Color Choker Meenakari Bridal Set. Don't think much! Check these bridal jewellery trends in 2024 and start giving some bold looks. 

6. Maang Tikka Set

The sixth on the list of the top 7 bridal jewellery trends in 2024 comes the Maang Tikka Set. Believe us, a bridal jewellery set is never complete without complimenting your wedding outfit with a stunning Maang Tikka set. This traditional piece of jewellery not only adds a touch of elegance but effortlessly brings cultural significance to your bridal look. Being worn on the forehead, this elegant Indian bridal jewellery set can make a bridal look more regal and graceful.


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So, brides-to-be are you looking to steal this bridal jewellery trend of 2024? If yes, then you must check out Glitstudio’s glamorous Maang Tikka Set. Some of the ideal Maang Tikka sets for you include Yellow Color Oxidised Earrings Tikka Set, Purple Color Kundan Maang Tikka Set, and White Color Kundan Mirror Earrings With Maang Tikka. Trust us, whether you choose a simple, delicate design or a more elaborate one, Glitstudio’s Maang Tikka sets are sure to enhance your overall appearance and make you feel like a true queen on your special day.

7. Bridal Hathphools

The last on the list of the top 7 Indian bridal jewellery sets comes the bridal Haathphools. Being another exquisite piece of jewellery, this refined “hand flower,” is a beautiful accessory for a bride’s hands. Typically consisting of a bracelet connected to one or more finger rings with delicate chains, this bridal jewellery set is sure to create a stunning and intricate look. Perfect for blending an Indo-Western style, this detailing piece will surely get you the center of attraction.


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Want to achieve this trend for your wedding? You must definitely explore Glitstudio’s bridal hathphool collections. Some of our best-selling pieces include Gold-plated Hathphool, Orange Color Rhinestone Hathphool, Multi Color Meenakari Work Hathphool, and Pink Color Rose Floral Hathphool. Available in various designs, from minimalist to heavily embellished, trust us, hathphool is a delightful addition to your bridal jewellery collection. It will not only add the beauty of your Mehendi but will also add a unique and charming touch to your bridal attire.

Live Every Moment With Glitstudio’s Bridal Jewellery

So, brides-to-be, this was a short and quick round-up of the top 7 bridal jewellery trends in 2024 to make you shine and live every bit of your wedding. Are you ready to shop the bridal jewellery trends and make your day more special? 

Glitsudio understands how essential it is to choose the perfect bridal jewellery to complete your wedding look. Whether you are trying to embrace the wedding with timeless pearls or attain regality with Kundan pieces, it covers everything that will make sure you get all the eyeballs. Don't wait or think much, give yourself a chance and explore Glitstudio's exquisite bridal jewellery collections today and find the perfect pieces to create unforgettable memories.


1. What is the trend in bridal jewellery in 2024?

Ans. Any bridal jewellery like pearl bridal jewellery, golden bridal jewellery sets, and minimal bridal jewellery that can perfectly showcase a timeless elegance, sophisticated touch, and eye-catching appeal are trendy bridal jewellery in 2024.

2. Which type of Jewellery is in trend in India?

Ans. Pearl bridal jewellery, Kundan bridal jewellery, Meenakari bridal jewellery, and American Diamond jewellery are the trending bridal jewellery in 2024.

3. Are pearls in style in 2024?

Ans. Yes, pearls are still in trend. Pearl jewellery still has the power to bring timeless and classic statements that are sure to melt everyone's heart in present times as well. 

4. Which jewellery is trending now?

Ans. Pearl jewellery, Kundan-studded bridal jewellery, and Meenakari jewellery are trending right now in bridal jewellery collections. 


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