How to Wear Short Necklaces in 2024: 7 Styling Tips for Every Occasion

Hola pretty girls! Are you looking for some styling tips on how to wear short necklaces? Sure must be. Whether you're getting dressed up for any events, weddings, reception nights, or casual outfits looking into the latest short necklace designs will never disappoint you. Trust us, a short necklace set is a perfect way to add a little extra sass to your look. Though you will find a lot of inspiration available online about how to wear short necklaces, still, most of them get confused when it comes to styling with the simple latest short necklace designs in gold.

As more and more buyers are intrigued with the simple short necklace designs and looking at how to style this exquisite accessory, Glitstudio is here to solve this maze. Yes, whether you are complimenting an antique short necklace or a short diamond necklace, this list covers 7 top styling tips on how to wear short necklaces. So, without any delay, let's quickly get into it. 

Top 7 Styling Tips On How To Wear Short Necklaces in 2024

1. Create Layers with Short Necklaces

The first tip on how to wear short necklaces calls for layering your short necklaces. Yes, the trend of layering short necklaces or chains is going nowhere. This means being creative and getting a unique look is never out of fashion. Whether you are thinking of wearing a long and short necklace set or an antique short necklace, try to play with layers and create a new look with every outfit.

Need Some Inspiration?

Short pendant necklace

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You must check out Glitstudio’s Gold Plated Double Layered Heart Pendant Necklace. Believe us, this revealing short necklace design in gold is sure to add a fun and unexpected twist to your summer or winter essentials.

2. Match with a Statement Pendant

The next tip on the list of how to wear short necklaces comes teaming the short necklace set with a pendant. Trust us, complimenting your short necklace set with a delicate pendant will instantly make you feel extra sassy and shine bright at any event.

Need Some Inspiration?

Short chain necklace

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You must check out Glitstudio’s Elegant American Diamond Pendant With Chain Necklace. Believe us, this exquisite short necklace design is sure to add a touch of timeless sophistication to your everyday or special occasion outfits. Crafted with shimmering American diamonds, this pendant necklace is sure to create a dazzling effect that catches the eye.

3. Add a Hint of Glitter

The next tip on how to wear short necklaces is our favorite. Yes, believe us, here you need to add a touch of sparkle to your short necklaces. Sparkle in the sense means trying to look for some bold and revealing gemstone-adorned short necklaces. Opting for a sparkle short necklace set you will instantly rock every ensemble.

Need Some Inspiration?

Short necklace set

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You must check out Glitstudio’s Firozi Color Black Silver Brass American Diamond Choker Necklace Set. This stunning short necklace set featuring intricate detailing and brilliant American diamonds is sure to catch the light beautifully. The unique combination of Firozi color and black silver brass creates a striking contrast, making it a versatile accessory that can complement both casual and formal outfits. So, girls don't wait, grab this iconic piece and create a sparkling effect with every walk.

4. Keep It Gracefully Minimal

The fourth tip on how to wear short necklaces is to go with a subtle and delicate short necklace set. If you opt for antique short necklace designs in gold or a short diamond necklace, complimenting your outfit with a more refined and understated look will instantly glam up your event. Try to just go for the right amount of shimmer without overwhelming your outfit. And here we go girls! You are already slaying the fashion-forward game. 

Need Some Inspiration?

Short diamond necklace

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You must definitely check out Glitstudio’s White Color Sleek American Diamond Necklace Set. Trust us, opting for this special delicate short diamond necklace is the chic and edgy way to go. It will let you play the fashion-savvy game with every outfit. Whether you are wearing a super high neck or something more plunging, this statement-making short necklace set will never go wrong. Perfect for layering or wearing alone for a minimalist style, just go for it, our girls!

5. Choose Bold for a Night Out

The next tip on how to wear short necklaces is to go with chunkier and statement short necklaces. Especially, when it comes to ruling the events, adding some chunkier pieces like a collar necklace is the perfect way to style your essence. This statement-making piece will create a look that stays high on your collarbones and add a drama and flair to even the simplest outfits.

Need Some Inspiration?

Choker necklace

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You must check out Glitstudio’s Generic Women Choker Necklace. This bold and eye-catching short necklace with intricate detailing surely demands attention. Perfect for evening events, this short necklace can transform a basic dress into a show-stopping ensemble. Featuring a rich, luxurious finish, this is a must-have accessory for those who love to make a statement with their short necklaces.

6. Magic of Monochrome

The sixth tip on how to wear short necklaces is to go for a monochromatic look. Yes, you heard right. Go for Monochrome everywhere! Try to opt for a monochrome outfit and let your statement-making short necklace steal the spotlight. For adding a more sleek and modern look, you can pair short necklaces in the same color, it will instantly add a sophisticated touch to your outfit without being too overpowering.

Need Some Inspiration?

Oxidised necklace

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You must check out Glitstudio’s White Color Tassel Oxidised Short Necklace. Trust us, opting for a black glittery dress and pairing this exquisite white tassel necklace will instantly create a stunning look and add a touch of elegance to your shimmering outfit. Whether you're attending a party or a formal event, this delicate piece will surely ensure that you stand out with a chic and polished appearance.

7. Return to Timeless Basics

The last tip on how to wear short necklaces is to opt for a timeless and classic long and short necklace set in gold. Believe us, sometimes, simplicity is the key. And going back to the evergreen basics is sure to bring a sophisticated look to your overall appearance. Plus, being a versatile accessory, these basic short necklace sets can be paired with everyday wear, and will effortlessly let you embrace every moment.

Need Some Inspiration?

Short beaded necklace set

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You must check out Glitstudio’s Karatcart Lime Green Beads and Pearl Polki Kundan Short Necklace Set. This stunning short necklace set combining traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design, and featuring vibrant lime green beads and lustrous pearls adorned with Polki Kundan is sure to captivate everyone's heart. Whether you're attending a wedding, a festive celebration, or simply want to add a touch of grace to your daily attire, this short necklace set definitely promises to enhance your look with its timeless and intricate detailing.

Perfect Your Look with Glitstudio’s Short Necklaces!

In conclusion, trust us, short necklaces are a versatile and stylish accessory that can elevate any outfit. Whether you're looking to make a bold statement or keep it minimal and elegant, there's always a perfect short necklace style for every occasion. We believe by following the above top seven styling tips, you can easily level up your essence and play the fashion-forward game lavishly.

So, why wait our gorgeous! Start embracing the magic of monochrome, layering or return to timeless basics and create your unique look. Start now and check out Glitstudio’s stunning short necklace designs and revampy your jewellery wardrobe today!


1. What is a short necklace called?

Ans. A choker or short necklace is a type of necklace that fastens around the neck without hanging down, typically measuring 14-15 inches. It's known for its snug fit and can be made from various materials such as leather, pearls, or metal like gold, silver, etc.

2. How do you choose the right short necklace sets for your neckline?

Ans. Choosing the right short necklace set for your neckline mostly depends on the shape and style of your outfit. For instance, if you have a V-neck outfit, opt for a pendant that mimics the V shape to enhance the neckline. If you have a scoop or round neckline, look to pair your ensemble with shorter, chunkier necklaces that follow the curve of the neckline. If you have a strapless or off-the-shoulder outfit, pair it with stunning chokers or short statement pieces. It will surely draw attention to your collarbones.

3. What is the starting price of short necklaces?

Ans. The starting price of short necklaces at Glitstudio starts at 345/- only. Our collection is quite affordable for everyone. We ensure we have something that easily matches each individual taste and preferences.

4. Where can I find a variety of short necklaces?

Ans. Glitstudio offers a variety of short necklace sets. Some of our best-selling collections include Kundan short necklaces, Oxidised short necklaces, American Diamond short necklaces, Gold-plated short necklaces, Pearl short necklaces, and Meena Work short necklaces. 



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