Trending anklets 2024

Hello lovelies! Are you slaying your beauty in the summer? Well, Glitstudio understands your pain. Slaying in summer under the scorching heat is not easy. But, if we tell you, we have beautiful women's jewellery that can elevate your summers. It would be exciting, wouldn't it? No, we are not talking about high-end jewellery, we are talking about revealing anklets. Yes, trust us complementing your ensemble with a gold-plated anklet, modern silver anklets with stones, black thread anklets, antique silver anklets, or rose gold anklets will uplift your ensemble gracefully. 

Being a lightweight, handy, and versatile accessory, these anklets for women can be worn daringly in summer. No heaviness, no itchiness, no pain. Just calm, cool, and composed. So, girls, are you ready to check out the top 7 trending anklets of 2024? Great! Let's quickly get into it and start revamping your summer jewellery now!

Top 7 Trending Anklets To Watch Out In 2024

1.Gold-plated Anklet

The first on the list of top 7 trending anklets of 2024 comes the gold-plated anklets. Yes, the ones who are looking for gold anklets for women will be happy to know that the trend of complementing the ensemble with gold-plated anklets is back. Being an ideal accessory, gold anklets for women can easily infuse your look with sophistication, making your summer ensemble glamorous.

Gold Plated Anklet
To help you ignite your essence with jaw-dropping gold-plated anklets, Glitstudio offers a wide range of gold anklets for women that are trendy as well as edgy. Some of our top-selling picks include Multi-Color Anklets, Rani Color Gold Anklets, and Red Color Gold Anklets. So, girls start adding a hint of edge with these gold-plated summer anklets now!

2. Layered Anklets

The second on the list of top 7 trending anklets of 2024 comes the layered anklets. Designed with multiple delicate chains, these anklets for women offer a stylish and versatile accessory elevating every outfit. Whether you are dressing up for a summer cocktail party or want to add a flair to your summer casual outfit, these layered anklets can perfectly blend various styles.

Layered Anklet
To help you refine your charm with layered anklets this summer, Glitstudio brings a fabulous collection of layered anklets catering to every taste and preference. Some of our top-selling layered anklets for women include White Color Rhinestone Layered Anklets, Silver Color Rhinestone Layered Anklets, and Multi-Color Rhinestone Layered Anklets. Be assured, pairing these stunning anklets this summer will surely bring out a vibrant look to any outfit.

3. Boho Charm Anklets

The third on the list of the top 7 trending anklets of 2024 comes the boho charm anklets. Adorned with playful charms and vibrant beads, these anklets for women can bring a free-spirited and eclectic style. Ideal for festivals, beach outings, or simply adding a touch of bohemian charm to your everyday attire.


Boho Charm Anklets
At Glitstudio, we offer an exciting range of boho charm anklets that are both trendy and unique. Some of our best-selling pieces include Silver Color Boho Anklets and Multi Color Meena Work Boho Anklets. Trust us, these intricate anklets for women will perfectly allow you to make a statement in a unique and artistic flair.

4. Oxidised Anklets 

The fourth on the list of the top 7 trending anklets of 2024 comes the oxidized anklets. These silver anklets for women featuring a distinctive antique finish with 925 silver anklet materials can offer a vintage charm. Coming in various styles like silver anklets with black beads, and fancy modern silver anklets with stones, it can ideally bring a traditional aesthetic with a modern twist.
Oxidised Anklets
At Glitstudio, you can find trendy silver anklets that can easily transition your look from day to night. Some of our best-selling silver anklets for women include Silver Color Rhinestone Anklets and Black & Silver Color Anklets. Trust us, complimenting your summer outfits with these delicate silver anklets will totally enhance your look by bringing a timeless appeal.

5. Tassel Anklets

The fifth on the list of the top 7 trending anklets of 2024 comes the statement-making tassel anklets. Yes, tassel anklets are becoming a favorite accessory among fashion enthusiasts. Adorned with playful tassels, these anklets for women can seamlessly add a fun and dynamic element to your summer wardrobe. Ideal for casual outings or beach trips, tassel anklets can be a perfect standout accessory to slay your essence this summer.
Tassel Anklets

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At Glitstudio, we offer a vibrant selection of tassel anklets that cater to different tastes. From bold, colorful tassels to more subdued, elegant options, our collection has something for everyone. Some of our top-selling tassel anklets include White Color Rhinestone Tassel Anklets, Gold Color Tassel Anklets, and Teal Blue Color Rhinestone Tassel Anklets. Believe us, complimenting your outfit with these pleasant tassel anklets will surely add a playful and stylish touch. 

6. Kundan Anklets

Kundan anklets are shining brightly on the list of top 7 trending anklets of 2024. Yes, featuring sixth position on our list, Kundan anklets proudly reflect the rich heritage of traditional Indian jewellery. If you are someone who is looking to slay your charm this summer at any event or festival, Kundan anklets are a must-have accessory. Embellished with intricate Kundan work, these anklets for women exude opulence and sophistication.
Kundan Anklets

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Glitstudio offers a stunning array of Kundan anklets that showcase exquisite craftsmanship and elegant designs. Some of our best-selling Kundan anklets include Gold Color Meena Work Anklets, Multi Color Meenakari Anklets, and Generic Meenakari Women's Anklets. Believe us, adding these detailing Kundan anklets will add a regal touch to your essence making a luxurious appeal every time you step out.  

7. Nature Inspired Anklets

Nature-inspired anklets fall seventh on the list of top 7 trending anklets of 2024. Curated using natural-inspired themes, these anklets for women can confidently bring a fresh and organic touch to your summer ensembles. Designed with elements like leaves, flowers, and natural motifs, these anklets can perfectly let you celebrate the beauty of the natural world.

Nature Inspired Anklets

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At Glitstudio, you can find a captivating range of nature-inspired anklets that capture the essence of the outdoors. Our top collection includes Women's Silver Plated Nature-Inspired Anklets and Assorted Colorful Nature Inspired Anklets. Whether you want to embrace the charm and tranquility or looking for earthy and serene styles, these nature-inspired anklets for women will surely bring a natural elegance to your summer outfit.

Complete Your Summer Look With Glitstudio’s Exquisite Anklets 

In essence, anklets for women are a must-have accessory in your summer wardrobe. Whether you want to uplift your beauty in Kundan Anklets, Oxidised Anklets, Tassel Anklets, or Nature Inspired Anklets, believe us these top 7 trending anklets of 2024 will surely glam up your summer ensemble in 2024. 

If you are constantly looking to buy silver anklets online or Kundan anklets online in India at affordable prices with high-quality materials, look no further than Glitstudio’s collection. Our anklet collection unfolds an array of stunning pieces that will captivate your essence and add a thrilling look. Shop now and start embracing the anklet trend now!



1. Are anklets in style in 2024?

Ans. Yes, anklets are in style. Being a lightweight, handy, and versatile accessory, these pieces are fully accessible to all. Ranging from subtle to statement, from delicate to daring, from boho chic to beach to bling, these pieces can perfectly glam up your essence this year.

2. Is it okay to sleep with an anklet on?

Ans. We suggest that unless your anklets are very thin and provide the level of comfort you need, it's better to remove them during sleep. This will prevent it from getting stuck on your clothes. 

3. Do you offer a wide range of options in anklets?

Ans. Yes, Glitstudio offers a stunning collection of anklets. Some of the trendiest collections of anklets we offer include Gold-plated Anklets, Oxidised Anklets, Tassel Anklets, Kundan Anklets, and Nature Inspired Anklets.

4. What is the starting price of your anklet collections? 

Ans. Glitstudio’s anklets for women are quite affordable and accessible for everyone. Our entire collections of anklets start at 100/- only.